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North Middlesex Hall of Fame

The mission of the North Middlesex hall of fame is to recognize those people who, in the opinion of the nominees and the selection committee, have made a significant contribution to the community, either locally, nationally or internationally, in such a way as to have brought honour to, or made this community and/or the larger world a better place to live. Nominees may be living or deceased and need not be a Canadian citizen.


North Middlesex Hall of Fame Criteria


  1. The North Middlesex Hall of fame is located on property owned by North Middlesex Historical Society

  2. The selection committee will be composed of the Chair of North Middlesex Historical Society, the two Directors of the North Middlesex Historical Society, as well as two members from the membership at large.

  3. Nominations must be submitted by July 1st of the year in which the induction will take place.

  4. An Induction will take place yearly in September following the annual meeting of the North Middlesex Historical Society.

  5. Candidate may be alive or have deceased.

  6. Candidate must have made a significant contribution to the community of North Middlesex. Candidate must be, or have been a resident of North Middlesex at some point in their life.

  7. An application must be accompanied by a minimum of three nominators or by a group/organization.

  8. The North Middlesex Historical Society, at its sole discretion, may induct up to three inductee’s in any given year, without formal nomination or nomination external to the society.

  9. All nominations must be submitted on official nomination forms.

  10. All nominations will be accompanied by supporting documentation of why the candidate has been nominated as well as all pertinent details of the nomination form filled in.

  11. It is not mandatory that inductees be named annually.

  12. The committee will select a maximum of five inductees per year.

  13. Selection is not restricted to Canadian citizens or current citizens of North Middlesex.

  14. Not all nominees will be selected and the decision will be at the sole discretion of the aforementioned committee.

  15. The North Middlesex Historical Society stands firmly against discrimination. As such, age, gender, sexual orientation, race, and physical abilities will not be a restriction to the nomination.

  16. Nomination forms should be accompanied by two pages of, single-spaced, typed, documentation to justify candidate’s induction to the hall, as well as any supporting documents. (Not to exceed five pages)

  17. As the Hall of Fame is located in a property owned by the North Middlesex Historical Society, the Society may request a donation of artifacts that are significant to the inductee.

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