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Item Donation Guidelines

Our museum could not be what it is today without the magnitude of artifact donations we have received from our local and not-so-local donors. 


To keep in line with the Historical Society’s goal to preserve the history of North Middlesex, we must only accept donations that have significant local and historical value. We are a small museum, and unfortunately do not have the space to house every item that comes our way. 


We typically accept donations if they meet the following criteria:

  • Have historical significance to the North Middlesex Area (Ailsa Craig, Parkhill, McGillivray, East and West Williams)

  • They were made in North Middlesex or 

  • Belonged to someone significant from North Middlesex

  • Are attached to a significant North Middlesex Event


  • The artifact is from something or somewhere that played a role in making a change in our world in some way

If you have an artifact that meets this criteria and you would wish to donate, please contact us at

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